STAR NET Region II / Illinois Resource Center

STAR NET has been actively partnering with Strengthening Families Illinois since 2005 – with representation on the Professional Development Work Group and the SFI Leadership Team. STAR NET offered the CSEFL curriculum to participating SFI early childhood programs and learning networks and participated regionally in SFI learning networks. It also offered SFI early childhood curricula such as the Protective Factors and Recognizing and Responding to Signs of Family Stress on its training calendar in the early years of the initiative.  The START NET REGION II / Illinois Resource Center currently makes Strengthening Families Illinois materials – such as Café Talk— available to organizations through its lending library and offers family engagement training on its training calendar.

STARNET, in partnership with Strengthening Families Illinois, continues to be a resource and voice for families and children.

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Kathy Slattery, Project Director                                
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