IL Childhood Trauma Coalition

SFI and the IL Childhood Trauma Coalition (ICTC) are partners in each other’s collaborative efforts. The mission and goal of the IL Child Trauma Coalition is to take a public health approach to the evolving understanding of the nature and impact of childhood trauma and to expedite the integration of this wisdom into public awareness and the array of systems that serve children and families in Illinois.  The Coalition will provide a forum for leadership from multiple disciplines and service areas to coordinate and sustain the work that is essential to reach this goal

The IL Trauma Childhood Coalition has promoted the use of the Trauma curriculum (Understanding Trauma and Children’s Exposure to Violence) among its members and disseminated information about the Protective Factors in Child Welfare.  As part of our continued partnership, SFI has disseminated ICTC materials to SFI-affiliated early childhood programs, as well as participated on the Stories Workgroup which assists ICTC with the coordination, production and distribution of the Children Exposed to
Violence animated DVD series, “Stories for Children That Grownups Can Watch.”  The Working Group also assures that the materials of this project consistently employ a public health approach, are age appropriate and culturally sensitive, are available to a wide-range of public and private agencies and organizations serving children and are valuable and relevant to young children and the caring adults in their lives. 

The IL Trauma Childhood Coalition has adopted the Protective Factors in its strategic plan and promotes the awareness and adoption of the protective factors among its coalition members.

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