6 Protective Factors That Keep Families Strong

At SFI, everything we do is about strengthening families’ Protective Factors.

From 2002 to 2004, the Center for the Study of Social Policy conducted research on what works best to keep children safe and families strong. They published their findings as five Protective Factors and worked with states across the nation to embed them in early childhood education programs. Strengthening Families Illinois added the sixth Protective Factor, also drawn from research. We also “translated” the Protective Factors into everyday language with the help of Better World Advertising. Both versions are shown below. Click on the links for more information on each Protective Factor—the second set of links take you to our web site for parents,

Protective Factors: Original Language

1. Enhance Parental Resilience
2. Develop Social Connections
3. Build Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development
4. Offer Concrete Support in Times of Need
5. Foster Social and Emotional Competence
6. Promote Healthy Parent-Child Relationships

Protective Factors: Everyday Language

1. Be Strong & Flexible
2. Parents Need Friends
3. Being a Great Parent Is Part Natural & Part Learned
4. We All Need Help Sometimes
5. Parents Need to Help Their Children Communicate
6. Give Your Children the Love & Respect They Need

You can get materials and training to help you strengthen the Protective Factors.