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Research shows that programs providing quality early childhood education can make a major difference in keeping families strong. Through SFI, hundreds of programs and agencies are working together to build families’ protective factors. Programs and agencies can:

  • Join SFI: SFI programs get training, support, and resources to help them strengthen families.
  • Join an SFI Learning Network and share support, resources, and tools with programs in your area that care about strengthening families.
  • Take part in the Love Is Not Enough Campaign: Illinois’ parent-led effort to keep families strong.
  • Get resources to share with staff, parents, and other partners (get a sneak preview here.

“Child welfare should not be in the business of raising children,” says IDCFS Director Erwin McEwen, “it should be in the business of strengthening families.” SFI is breaking down the barrier between early childhood education and child welfare so that everyone is working together to keep families strong.  Please join us by filling out our SFI Program Application.