Love Is Not Enough Campaign

Love Is Not Enough to Keep Your Family Strong is Illinois’ parent-led effort to keep families strong. It’s a public awareness campaign sponsored by SFI that helps programs put parents front and center in the movement to strengthen families—visit the campaign web site at SFI can help your program sponsor Love Is Not Enough Parent Cafés and provide you with resources for parents.

The Message

All parents love their children. But it takes more than love to keep a family strong:

  • Be strong and flexible
  • Parents need friends
  • Being a great parent is part natural and part learned
  • We all need help sometimes
  • Parents need to help their children communicate
  • Give your children the love and respect they need

These messages are backed up with concrete examples of how parents have solved problems, gotten help, and worked hard to make sure their children are safe and their families are strong.

The Materials

The Love Is Not Enough messages are being spread through Parent Cafés and the web site, as well as brochures, posters, T-shirts, buttons, and other materials. Print materials are bilingual (English and Spanish), are produced on heavy gloss stock, and feature color photos of diverse parents. To request copies, use our on-line order form or contact us.

The History

The messages were developed in partnership with Illinois parents and Better World Advertising. Parents involved in SFI early childhood centers participated in several focus groups. They felt strongly that new research on protective factors, which prevent child abuse and neglect needed to be communicated to parents, from parents, in straightforward language.

The Parent Cafés were developed using the World Café model by SFI and the Illinois Family Partnership Network as a partner of SFI. IFPN is a group of Illinois parents and representatives from state agencies and organizations who are building more effective ways of involving parents in local and state decision making.

The Research

The campaign’s core messages are based on research from the Center for the Study of Social Policy and the Strengthening Families initiative, supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, showing that children are safer when their families are strengthened by six protective factors: (1) parental resilience, (2) an array of social connections, (3) knowledge of parenting and child development, (4) concrete support in times of need, (5) children’s social and emotional development, and (6) healthy parent-child relationships.